Friday, March 21, 2014

Tips on vendor events for those signing up

Ok people it's really not that hard. There are 2 of us that are planning events. She sends out the contracts and I invoice them via paypay when she says she hast sent the invoice. Some of these people should not be dealing with the public because they call us saying they cannot find the invoice or contract. We have listed who does what and not our fault your a stupid fuck who get too much email and doesn't check your spam folder or other folders to see if the email is in there. Here are some tips. 

1.     Check your spam folder. If you don't and your invoice from paypay made it there. Opppps your a fucktard who missed paying now your spot in our event is gone. 

2.     Read and follow how we want you to responds when requesting events. Yes we said to list what dates you want once we post it.  Opppps again your a fucktard who cannot follow simple instructions. 

3.     No drama. Hello your not in high school or grade school. We are not daycare center workers either. Put your big girl or boy pants on and deal with it. 

4.     Stop being a fucktard. Not my problem you don't know how to use email and cannot find anything. Then 30 minutes later find it and send it all back. Your stupid and get some glasses. 

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