Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ideas and helping family whose heads are up their asses.

I love it when someone comes to me and says we need to start a business together. I respond with yes let's do it. We had a few ideas a few years ago let's revisit and sit down and talk and get it rolling. Then nothing out of her.  So I go on my merry way selling candles and setting up events. Again she comes back with it again. I'm like ok what are you thinking. She tells me and I am like ok it's doable. Once again ball drops on her end. I continue on and hear from family that her head is up her ass. I'm like yea I offered many options but ball always dropped on her end so I figured she must not need it that bad. Which I know she does. 

So I hear that she is doing something. Good I'm glad. But don't come to me saying you want to start something when you already have something going. Yes we are family and families tend to help each other. But I cannot help if you don't let me. So suck it. I'm going to continue on doing my thing and if you to use my services down the road you'll probably end up having to pay for them like everyone else since the offer for free help has been there for quite awhile and you choose to keep your head up your ass. 

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