Saturday, February 15, 2014

Wrestling while changing or feeding the baby

When did changing or feeding a baby become a sport?  Diaper changes become a mess.  The pants come off ok.  Once the tabs are loose on the diaper he's off and rolling and army crawling.  Hello Bubba Boy there's poop on your butt.  So it comes to the childless female holding the baby down gently with one hand while trying to clean poop with the other.  It gets done and we have both had a workout.

Then it is time to eat.  Yea you know the bottle with the formula.  If he's not craning his neck to see the dog, what is going on outside, or watching Yo Gabba Gabba, he's touching my face, poking me in the eye, or trying to dig for gold in my nose.  Hey that's my gold up there Bubs.  You'll get some when I pick my own nose and give it to you.

Most days I feel Bubba Boy has won the Gold for wrestling.  Other days it's me.  I just have to think like a 7 month old boy instead of a 43 year old female.  No problem.

Have a great weekend.

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