Sunday, September 2, 2012

Exciting week and a little mud

This has been an exciting few weeks. I signed one person up to sell candles. Then tonight I signed up someone under me for Melaleuca. All it takes is some work and a little confidence. The more I talk about either one my confidence builds.

Of course we had an adventure on Saturday. We went to Kenosha Wisconsin to go to a diner that was on Diners, drive-ins and dive. There was a huge car show going on and we had to wait. But it was worth it. The place is called Franks. You should go if you are ever in the area. The food was good and you had entertainment from the staff as well as all the people that were around for the car show.

After breakfast we go to the Ren Fair. We were not there more than 90 minutes or do before a massive downpour came. Well no acts were on any of the stages and everything turned into on big mud pit. So we left. Of course we were wet and muddy. Not fun for the 60 minute ride home. But we had fun anyway.

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