Thursday, August 4, 2016

I just might say these

Put your big boy pants on and get over your shit; I’m just doing my job and trying to help you.


With your pie hole open like that, I’m not sure if you’re either catching flies or talking stupid.


Oh, there’s food on my shirt.  I was saving that for later.


If ya’ll would stop complaining about things and do something about it, things may change.


It might be a good idea if you get your chin waxed when you get your eyebrows done.


Didn’t Pokémon get lost in the 1990s, so why not leave it there?


If Pokémon doesn’t come with a shot of any liquor I’m not looking for his sorry ass.


I no longer think that’s a pole up your ass.  I think it’s a vibrator turned on high.


No one asked you to micro manage me, but training me would be helpful.


Really please spell out Kelly which happens to be my name, in case you forgot.


Seriously stop repeating what the fuck I say.  One of us must be drunk if that’s happening and it’s not me.


Patient goes a long way.  Please use it so I don’t have to poke you in your eye.  Thank you and have a great day.


With the way you’re talking either you have food in your mouth or your dentures are loose.


No, I don’t sell too many things.  I am just a one stop shop.


Really you’re going to buy that candle from a big box store and not support local stores and direct sales people.  Oh look your kid is selling cookies.  I’ll buy them from the store.

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