Monday, July 11, 2016

Selling various items over the years

I have sold many things over the years to make extra money. Anything from candles, purses, jewelry, food items, and even adult toys. While some items are looked down upon, it's also the one that makes the most money. Yes, people hide it behind close doors and that's fine because it's not a topic for all situations.  

Now selling adults toys isn't just about selling them it's also about educating and empowering women about sexual health and improving their communication with health care providors. Not to mention improving their relationships. 

I respect everybody's views on the subject. Some are totally closed off to it and find it embarrassing. That's fine for some people and I totally respect that.   Now while I no longer sell adult toys it's one thing I have never been closed minded about it. I don't go walking up to just anyone asking them questions. If it comes up in conversations I don't mind sharing my past experiences. But I also just share with just anyone.  Because certain people in my life don't need to know everything. I also have enough respect for certain circles of people I am around not to flaunt everything. Not to mention respect for myself. 

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