Sunday, November 23, 2014

Throw in the towel or use it as a scarf

There are times when you know you should throw in the towel on something but don't want too. I feel like that with running vendor events. I have put on 6 in the past year with a friend. I thought I wanted to stop and had said so. But now I'm like I want to keep giving it a try. 

I fee like rather than throwing in the towel I'll wear it as a scarf and keep trying. I feel like I just haven't found the right venue. I know I have talents that could put on an awesome event but after a day like today I feel like the towel should be thrown. 

I will have my website live in the next week or so which will be directly related to vendor/craft shows and direct sales and crafters. Maybe that's where I need to focus my attention. Prior to planning events I passed on event info as I found them to other vendors. I loved doing that. Then I thought I'd plan them. 

So it's time to make the pros and cons list and make the final decision. 

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