Saturday, July 26, 2014

Big Brother and me

I so could be on Big Brother.  As much as I do not want that much of my life on TV I also realize that it's a game and that they are not themselves on the show.  You cannot be, you are not in your regular environment.

While yes I am 43 and have a weight problem, who wouldn't love to see someone like me on the show.  Donny gives the 40 plus age group hope.  I'd probably loose some comps but I'd surprise quite a few people and win some too.

My cousins son thinks I should make a video and send it in.  I'll have it record it and go for it.  I have nothing to loose.  Heck I spent 8 hours in line to get in Biggest Looser in the Chicago cold weather in February.  Never got in the building but I tried.

I only started last season with BB15.  My cousin's 15 year old son was talking so much about it that I got hooked.   Every Thursday for the live show we watch it together and when we cannot we FaceTime and watch it together that way.

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